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     It had been several months after the loss of Vageta, my ferret, when I visited a nearby coffee shop with my sketch book in hand. I was drinking my favorite cup of coffee when I had received an inspired thought; why not write and illustrate a story about Vageta. He had left such a huge impact on my life and I wanted to have the opportunity to share it with others. So immediately I started to write the story and in a matter of days, I had not only written it, I had illustrated it as well. However it would take several months to a year before the vision became a reality. Through the power of Kickstarter and all my friends and families as well as strangers, my story became a physical book! Not only has this book been a positive influence in my life, I feel blessed knowing that it has made an impression on others as well.

Such a beautiful and poignant book. Most families have faced the grief of losing a beloved pet. This book reminds us about the joys of that bond, the love that we shared that makes the parting so hard. Beautifully illustrated with character and style, I'd recommend this book for the young and old, and anyone in between!


A Letter From My Ferret delivers an adorable and heartwarming story about a pet ferret and his life through his perspective. Children will relate to this story especially if they love animals as much as my daughters do. Not to mention it is beautifully illustrated, it is sure to captivate you!


If you're looking out for Christmas gifts already, buy her 1st published children's book.  Got me a little teary eyed but in a good way as I was reading the book to my littles. It really puts real life issue of losing a pet into perspective and is easy for a child to understand with the vivid pictures and flow of the story.


A Letter From
My Ferret

     Here are some original sketches from my story; I was amazed with myself with how fast I was able to draw out the pages! The coloring took a bit longer but overall the creation of the book was completed fairly quickly.  

Once the illustrations and story were ready to be put into a book, I reached out to my friends and family for their help! I heard about Kickstarter and immediately began my book publishing journey. 

Almost a year later, voila! My book was being printed into 1000's of copies and I was able to self publish it!


Know of someone who has lost a pet ferret? Or perhaps their fur baby might be currently going through some hard times? This book can help heal their hearts as they are reminded of all the good memories they shared with there ferret.

With cute illustrations and simple layout, this book is great for all ages; but it is definitely a great story to share with children who are experiencing the loss of a pet for the very first time. Read along as a letter from across the rainbow bridge makes its way into your heart.



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