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We all have a divine self who is connected to source. Our divine self is our authentic self; wrapped in quantum fields of energy made out of light codes that carry our frequencies throughout all dimensions, realms and galaxies.


Our light codes are in our DNA and have the ability to hold and transmute frequencies.


Light codes carry the memories of all our past journeys within this plane and others that exist. They hold within them the blueprint to all creation.


For this reason, I love to draw the light codes that are within each and every one of us.  I would be honored to draw you as the Divine Being!






🌈Thank you for checking out my artwork!🌈

© Deborah Rodriguez - all rights reserved

(Copyright does not transfer with purchae of a file unless you pay for the commercial use)

Divine Self Portrait


    ⭐ The files are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Any commercial use is prohibited unless you recieve written permission from me.

    ⭐ For Commercial Use, you must let me know and pay an additional $50 for the rights. Otherwise all artworks are copyright protected & cannot be resold to make profit.

    ⭐By purchasing this design, you agree to the copyright agreement.

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