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Deborah is a digital and traditional artist who is based in Phoenix, Arizona. She was born in El Paso, Texas before moving to Arizona to attend The Art Institute of Phoenix, receiving a Bachelors in Media Arts and Animation in 2005.

She loves inclusivity and has always had a desire to contribute to something bigger than herself. With her love of art and passion for making a difference, she uses her gifts to promote positivity, self-love, acceptance, strength, freedom and peace. She loves to remind people to continue to look for the good in themselves as well as in others, stand up for freedom, equality and acceptance. Her BIG dream is to use her brand, Imaginelovecreate, as a way to continue to sell positive influential art to the public.


Her experiences include: creating artwork for non-profit animal rescues, writing and illustrating her own story which she then turned into a book, illustrations for an upcoming book, pet portraits and graphic designs for clients.


She also illustrated an amazing oracle card deck called Higher Self Oracle by Deanna Riddick. The deck is currently available nationally and internationally on and in Barnes & Noble stores. Deborah is also working on a new deck with Deanna, with the hopes of it being published late 2024 or early 2025.

She loves to make stickers and has several journals available on Amazon. Currently she has begun to work with a new medium, modeling clay, and is excited to see where it takes her!

Deborah is open for representation and illustration opportunities!

Current tools: Procreate, Adobe, Ipad Pro, Sculpey, Sketchbooks

Instagram:  Facebook: Imaginelovecreate  TicTok: @imaginelovecreate



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