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Illustrated Publications

Deanna Riddick

Higher Self Oracle

Oracle Deck, published by REDFeather

  • Publication Date January 17th 2023

Author: Deanna Riddick

Illustrator: Deborah Rodriguez

An Oracle for the Intuitive Reader The Ego vs. Higher Self

The ego is a fear-based thought system enforced by societal beliefs.

We are taught that the world is scary, unsupportive, unloving, and restrictive. On the path of spiritual maturity, we challenge the ego and begin to recover the knowledge of our true identity, our Higher Self. Our Higher Selves are supportive, loving, and are a service to humanity. Higher Self Oracle is all about suppressing the ego and embodying something greater.

Techniques to Connect with Your Higher Self


  • Meditation - find a quiet place to sit and hold the card in your hand. Focus, close your eyes, and breathe deeply

  • Journaling - After pulling a card, grab a journal. Notice the first words that come to mind and jot them down

  • Dreams - sleep with the card you selected under your pillow and ask your Higher Self for clarity in your dream state

Deborah Rodriguez

A Letter From My Ferret

Book, Self-Published 

  • Publication Date January 2016

Author: Deborah Rodriguez
Illustrator: Deborah Rodriguez

Know of someone who has lost a pet ferret? Or perhaps their fur baby might be currently going through some hard times? This book can help heal their hearts as they are reminded of all the good memories they shared with there ferret.

A Letter From My Ferret is a short, heart warming story about the memories I had with one of my dearest of ferrets. I was inspired to write and illustrate it after he had crossed the rainbow bridge. He had a big chunk of my heart and I was devastated when I lost him.

With cute illustrations and simple layout, this book is great for all ages; but it is definitely a great story to share with children who are experiencing the loss of a pet for the very first time. Read along as a letter from across the rainbow bridge makes its way into your heart.

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